When you need to get away from it all, where is the best place to hang out with your buds?  In your man cave!  Just in time for the big game, we are running down a list of 10 ridiculously awesome man caves!

1) Understated Man Cave

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A man cave can come in all shapes, sizes, and degrees of "manliness."  It can be ruggedly manly and have oil stains on the floor, or it can perfectly neat with a massive TV, a pool table, and leather chairs.  This man cave is of the perfectly neat variety.

2) Motor Man Cave

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Man caves can pop up anywhere in the house.  In the den, in the basement, or in this case, the garage.  The only thing that this man cave could use is some more furniture.  A leather chair would definitely be a good addition...

3) Man Bar Cave

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Man caves usually come in one of three different varieties; a rustic outdoorsy look, a modern sleek look, or the good ole fashioned sports themed look.  This man cave comes in the rustic variety.

4) Style Cave

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Sleek, modern, dimly lit...  That's the feel you get when you enter into this man cave.  No one will be disappointed when being invited into this humble abode.

5) Techno-Man Cave

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Screens...  More screens!  Bigger screens too!  This is more of a single person man cave.  Although it has a couch for lounging, the only person you would want to share this space with is yourself.

6) The Gaming Cave

tumblr, d-zwerver44

This man cave is a man cave that one only dreams about.  It's never going to be practical to aspire to owning a cave like this...  Although it would be nice.  The one thing we would change about this man cave, is the furniture.

7) Scoreboard Man Cave

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This cave is definitely a NHL cave to the nth degree.  If you are a hockey fan, you should be drooling as you check out this haven.

8) Keg Stool Man Cave

tumblr, jimb0slyf3

This man cave gets points for creativity, that's for sure!  Not only do the bar stools kick some serious butt, the cave also features some fine leather seating in the background.  Well done Keg Stool Man Cave owner.  Well done.

9) The Classy Cave

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For the classy men who still want a place that they can call their own, check out the Classy Man Cave.  This caves uses leather to it's fullest.  In addition to the leather decor, you can find a wooden globe and a virtual fireplace.  Cheers!

10) 50-Yard-Line Man Cave

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Nothing like watching the big game from the 50 yard line.  Especially when the 50 yard line happens to be in your basement, with a couch on it.  This man cave is a fine example of what most men would strive to create.

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