OK maybe you have seen this story making the rounds. "10 things only people from Grand Rapids understand" It's pretty cute. Why there are no rapids in Grand Rapids, Drinking beer at church. Surely local observations from a local Grand Rapidian. Or is it?

A further look on the ol' Internets reveals the woman who wrote the story is one
Kristiena Sartorelli. Now if I told you she went to Western Michigan, that wouldn't seem so bad. Maybe she's from Forest Hills Central, or Rockford. But no. Kalamazoo is the closest she has lived to the Furniture City. She's actually from West Iron County High School, in the UP, according to her Linkedin profile. Not even close.

And more online searching shows she has written other similar stories for this website "movoto.com" a real estate website. So she's posing as a local AND trying to sell you a house. There's "22 things you need to know about Aurora Il. before you move there" and "30 things people from Detroit love"

The point of all this? Don't beieve everything you read on the Internet. And don't drink beer in church. Really.

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