If you think we need new blood in Washington, then Joe Newman is probably not the candidate for you.

Newman is a 101-year-old man from Sarasota, Fla., who's running as a write-in candidate for Congress.

He knows he will have to overcome plenty of skeptics:

If people are saying, who is this fool at 101 and running? Call me a fool....What is the best thing our society can do and what is the responsibility of our society? My hope is that we get a chance to speak out and make people reflect on what you want from your society."

Newman, a University of Notre Dame graduate who once helped in the creation of Social Security and worked to provide services for the mentally disable in Indiana schools, says he has the benefit of years of wisdom on his side.

"You learn through life you have certain responsibilities. And if you don't fulfill them, how can you look in the mirror?" he said.

Newman wants to protect Social Security, grow Medicare and get rid of poverty.

If he can defy the odds and win, who's to say he can't accomplish those goals?