Not so long ago, we came on the air at 98.7 WFGR Classic Hits wondering if we would be able to occasionally point out something that really needed to get done and maybe have a small role in helping you know what it was, how you could act on it and asked you if you could maybe tell some friends along the way.

We found out about the Home Depot's Aprons in Action program and the fact that the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans was a possible recipient of a substantial amount of money if they collected enough votes through social media.

We took to the air, we took to social media.....we let you know that a hand was needed and you made sure that the honored veterans in Grand Rapids, and all of West Michigan for that matter had a voice.   Second place in the nation, and $150,000 is quite an accomplishment in 30 days of voting.

Brenda Woodman and Tiffany Carr from The Grand Rapids Home for Veterans who both joined us on the air to let you know what needed to be done.  Our thanks go out to them for their time and energy to this great cause.

More so, the thanks go out to you...the listeners of WFGR, Facebook friends and Twitter followers for grabbing hold of an amazing cause, for some amazing people and making sure their sacrifices don't go unnoticed.

Thank you all on behalf of some very grateful American heroes!