Usually people are either a dog person or a cat person.  And if you are a dog person, chances are you dislike animals of the feline persuasion.  One of my friend's (he is a dog person)goes as far as to think that cats are evil.  After watching these two videos, you may tend to agree with him.  Click 'READ MORE' to watch two examples of cats being major A-holes!

First off we have the angry tabby who just hates your new balloon.  OK, so maybe he/she was just intimidated by the floating bubbly cat clone.  But either way that cat just ruined your fun and destroyed your property.

Secondly, we have the cat that is just a big bully.  Not only does he ruin the fun of the cat in the box, but he just continues to annoy the hell out of it by sitting on it's head.  This brings me back to my childhood ( I'm the cat in the box :P )