I, for one, are not into making a ton or new years' resolutions. It's just too easy to make a bunch, have none of them happen, and get all discouraged. I try and be a hair more realistic. Try and make subtle lifestyle changes (if needed) and run with it. But I'm in the minority for sure.

Psychology Today has a few tips on actually making it through the year while accomplishing your goals. "New Year Resolution Procrastination" lists 12 tips, here are the ones I found interesting:

Check the strength of your commitment: What do you gain? What do you trade off? Is the gain worth what you give up? If you choose something that is not that important, it's usually better to choose nothing.

Plan for success: Goals are easy, but they aren't achieved if we don't make a plan. If you want to lose weight, what should you do first, second, and third?

Watch out for the Wheedler: This is the part of your brain that whispers 'eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we may die.' Ya know, the evil part of your brain. Flip things around. Beat the Wheedler at its own game: 'Let's start now for we can always play later!'

Reward yourself: Create incentives to support your progress along the way. Follow a designed plan with short-term rewards that are part of your daily routine, such as drinking coffee or reading the newspaper.

Good luck and Happy 2013!