Yes, I've heard about Green Bay's four Super Bowl championships and the Lions' one playoff win in the Super Bowl era.

But as the disclaimer guy always says, "past performance does not guarantee future results."

If you disagree, you'd better "double-check" yourself.

Packers fans will soon find themselves hoping for yet another Brett Farve unretirement as Matt Stafford and Calvin Johnson lead the Lions past the Packers on the field and in the standings.

The future will speak volumes, but there are already many reasons to be thankful you're a Lions fan and not a Packers fan.


  • That's nice that you want to wear a cheese hat on your head, but isn't that a bit insensitive to people who are lactose intolerant?


  • News flash! Michigan and Wisconsin are cold in the winter. The NFL plays football in the winter. Build a field with a roof and you won't be cold!


  • Most fans think the Packers' traditional post-touchdown leap is a celebration. It's not. It's an attempt to escape. Nobody wants to play for the Packers.


  • Try to find a better highlight reel. There isn't one.


  • The Packers old Super Bowl rings are just gathering dust, but I'll admit the Packers do still have a good chance at winning a championship...if you're playing a video game. As for the NFL, I'll take the Lions.

P.S. The Lions fight song is way catchier than the Packers.

Goooooooo Lions!

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