So these two eight year old girls in Hastings decide to go on a shoplifting spree. They ditched school and stole almost $250 worth of stuff. Only reason they were caught? They tried get something to eat at a local auto repair store, and the owner caught them. Ok back up....8 year olds? I have an 8 year old. As far as I know she hasn't been on any shoplifting spree's.

This happened a week ago, when the 2 started taking everything in sight. 4 stores and the library later, they headed to the repair shop. They lied to the owner about what they were doing, and then he called the cops. The Hastings police chief said he's never had 8 year olds accused of stealing like this. CPS was called in and the thinking is the girls need some counseling. Ya think?

Here's MLive's story...If My 8 year old daughter even thought of doing such a thing...
"Hastings police: 8-year-old girls skip school, go shoplifting"