I always wonder what people make. I can never ask; it's just rude and none of my business.

I know how much I make. I always wonder if the kid behind the counter making my sandwich is making more than me.

My fears can be subsided.
This story has "This chart shows the average wage for nearly all American jobs" has all the riveting details. I'm not going to sugar coat anything. It's a pretty dry read.

A guy on Reddit found all this information out by going through the Bureau of Labor Statistics "to create a comprehensive chart of the average wage for nearly every job in America."

He wrote:

Unsurprisingly, the highest wages are all in medical fields, which are fuchsia on the chart, while the lowest wages are in the hospitality and food industries, which are pea green and lime green on the chart, respectively. The top mean wage is for anesthesiologists at $235,100 a year, followed closely by surgeons at $233,200 a year. The lowest mean wage goes to fast food cooks at just $18,900 a year."

Radio announcers, well if you can find it on this list, good luck. Let's just say I'm making more than the fast-food cook.

I'm sighing a little easier.