We don't really play Ace of Base, the Swedish pop group from the early 90's, on WFGR. They just really aren't "Classic" enough for us yet. But there's probably not many people who haven't heard "I saw the Sign" or "All that She Wants" and thought "That's a catchy little tune". As always, the little pop group has a dirty secret.

In a Huffington Post article "Ace Of Base's Nazi Past Revealed In Disturbing Lyrics Of Ulf Ekberg's Former Band" one of the band's founder reveals his past transgressions.

"The revelations, which are admittedly not so much new as little-known, surfaced about one of the "All That She Wants" band's founding members. It turns out that Ulf Ekberg was in a band called Commit Suicide, and unfortunately that's the least troubling part of the story.

Among the lyrics Commit Suicide sang (originally in Swedish, this is Noisey's translation): "Men in white hoods march down the road, we enjoy ourselves when we're sawing off n-----s’ heads/ Immigrant, we hate you! Out, out, out, out! Nordic people, wake up now! Shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot!"

Makes you wonder about other bands' leaders. Was Mick Jagger really in the KKK? Did Paul McCartney own a slave? How bout Sting...what's THAT guy's deal?

"I saw the Sign, I opened up my eyes I saw the sign."