I'm not sure what you use your Labor Day weekend for, but since returning to Michigan, I've brought back an old tradition from my days of living on the Lakeshore.

Labor Day weekend is a bittersweet holiday. Summer doesn't officially end until later in September, but the return to the school schedule, means the hours of freedom are gone.

So how do you use your Labor Day weekend? I have friends who use it to begin closing up their cottages for the winter, get their boats out of the water, and start draining the pool.

My old traditions has its roots from when I lived closer to the beach and Lake Michigan when my girls (I have three, all of them out of the house) loved playing in the sand.

We went to the beach so much that sand would get into my car, and rather than vacuum it out every week, I just left it there until Labor Day weekend, when I knew the beach visits would end.

Without the kids, I thought this was a lost tradition, but apparently I went to the beach enough times this summer to notice sand accumulating in the back seat. So, this weekend, I'll put some quarters into the vacuum at the car wash and clean the sand out again, all the while remembering the great summers past.

What is your Labor Day tradition?