Two people on opposite ends of the world are battling this morning. One is a little girl from Allendale who courageously decided to have her leg amputated after 13 painful years on this earth. The other is a famous Hollywood actor who has battled his demons over the years and now is clinging to life in a hospital.

No doubt you have heard of Alyssia Crook. She's been on the national news due to her situation. I could try and tell her story, but when we have such a gifted story teller like Tom Rademacher of the Press, I will let him do the honors. "Alyssia Crook emerges from amputation surgery, sends love to supporters"

On the other hand, the story of former Taxi star Jeff Conaway is a different tale. Conaway was found unconscious a week ago, and is in a coma do to a drug overdose. Conaway has been on the show "Celebrity Rehab" talking about his addictions. There's a really good chance he will die due to this overdose.
Here's more: ""Taxi" star Jeff Conaway in coma after overdose"

2 people who have no knowledge of each other, yet both fighting. For their lives, and for their life.