Hope you weren't hungry for some pancakes or a pie Sunday night, and headed out to your local Perkins. Because they are all closed. The 7 Perkins that were left in the Lower Peninsula are now shutdown.

The company gave no explanation other than "There are certainly a variety of factors that go into the closing of restaurants. Closing any restaurant is always a very difficult decision to make. We are grateful to the community for their patronage over the past several years." Well, not grateful enough to keep the eatery's open! The company also said "We hope to have an opportunity to serve our customers at another Perkins location in the future." Unless you are making the hike to Marquette or South Bend, I wouldn't count on it.

I always liked Perkins, but would rather hit IHOP, Golden Corral or Wolfgang's before Perkins. So looks like much isn't going to change. Still sad to see more local places close and people lose their jobs.

Our Broadcast partner WZZM TV 13 had this story on the news Sunday Night...