Yes, Wednesday is February 29th. It's Leap Day! And like every other day, marketers and businesses' are trying to take advantage anyway they possibly can. And Leap Day is no different! And who reaps the benefits? You and I, that's who! IHOP starts things off with free pancakes Tuesday til 10pm on National Pancake Day!

Start with Subway. On Leap Day, the sub chain is giving away a free cookie with any purchase. Bet Jared is jealous. Doubt he eats cookies on HIS Subway diet. :)

At Quaker Steak and Lube on Leap Day, everyone gets a FREE frog leg with their entree purchase, and someone will win a 29 dollar gift card for kissing the Frog! Ribbit! AND If you were born on Leap Day, you get a free dinner! Whoo Hoo!

McDonalds in some places are offering 29 cent hamburgers! Yum Yum gimme Some!

Leap Day...yes! Next up, St Patricks Day!