This was the theme song to the movie Animal House, which starred John Belushi as an unruly fraternity brother. Bishop appeared in a scene where Belushi (in a toga) smashes his guitar. Says Bishop: "That song that I came up with to do in the scene is a public domain song... it's been around for a hundred years or more. It seemed like the right song to do in the scene. I worked with Kenny Vance on my contributions to the Animal House albums - 'Animal House' and 'Dream Girl.' I had a crush on Carrie Fisher back then and at the end of 'Dream Girl' you can hear me sing 'Carrie Baby.' Both songs were fashioned after the Four Seasons with Frankie Valli." Animal House was the first big movie Karen Allen appeared in, and she met Bishop on the set. They had a long relationship which inspired Bishop to write the song "Separate Lives."