Where does a music legend go to get a little exercise?

If you're Aretha Franklin, you think retail.

"I walk super stores -- Walmart and Kmart. ... Yeah, I walk all of them," the Queen of Soul revealed on Wednesday's "Live with Kelly & Michael."

If you're thinking Franklin would be recognized by other shoppers, you're right.

The singer said people often try to come up to her and talk while she's walking, "but I really don't like to break my stride when I'm walking so I just change aisles," she said.

Franklin, a Detroit native who turned 72 years old on March 25, said exercise is a lifestyle change she made after some recent health issues.

Another lifestyle change: overcoming her fear of flying.

"It won't be too long," she said of when she'll travel by airplane again. "I think by the end of the summer."

-- Erick Oloo, The Touch Radio