My daughter is MY daughter. She not only is a ham, but she loves TV. Good girl, sweetheart. She enjoys my passion for the entertainment medium, and she LOVES infomercials and "As seen on TV" commercials. It's cool when your kids pick up on stuff that you like without even pushing them!

I recently was home watching TV and saw an commercial for the rubber spray on stuff in a can, called Flex Steal. The guy yelling about the product (you know, he says "That'll cost you THOUSANDS") and makes it look so easy. I thought to myself "self, does that stuff really work?"

I don't have to worry anymore...the fine folks at Good Housekeeping have done an article reviewing the top "As see on TV" items. "The Truth Behind Seen on TV Products" tells all about the Nu Wave oven, the Magic Jack, and the afformentioned Rubber in a can, which Good Housekeeping said

"What a mess! Even after three coats, the treated items (a flowerpot, bucket, hose, etc.) still sprung leaks - and forget about sealing a screen door, as shown in the ad. It contains hazardous ingredients and lacks proper safety instructions."

Ok so I wont be getting that, but I still want a Ronco Pocket Fisherman...wonder if Ron Popiel is dead yet?