Usually kids aren't the biggest fans of vegetables. This is why parents have to trick them with "airplane fork" or "choo-choo train spoon". For me, my dad's clever method of "daring" me-- I bet you won't eat that. I'm sure you can't finish your broccoli-- got me every time. Challenge accepted, Pops, I will absolutely kill all this broccoli! Well, the little one in this video is also not a fan of her greens. And you can tell by the absolutely horrendous faces she makes while choking them down.

Not only does baby Brynn make the best awful faces, she also gets in some really excellent growling.

msnNOW  likens her to a "Baby Hulk", covered in all that green goo--  Baby Hulk mad! Baby Hulk hate green beens! Baby Hulk... is so adorable!