So Traverse City has a lip dub now. Good for them. Michigan has become the unofficial "home" of cities' Lip Dubs. Of course the Grand Rapids video has become world famous, and according to You Tube, is the second most watched Lip Dub ever, behind a LD from Canada that has over 9 million views...but it's a year old--the Grand Rapids LD is 2 months old.

Between Grand Rapids Lip Dub and the Clark Retirement Center's Dub, and now Traverse City's, Michigan leads the way in "Cities that make Lip Dubs". So here is my review of the two cities Dubs. I have lived both places for an extended period of time, so I feel I can comment. Even if I hadn't, I have an internet connection and an opinion, so that entitles me to say whatever I want...right? (eye rolls here)

Grand Rapids Lip Dub

5,000 people responding to a slap in the face from a magazine. Shows what we can do if we put our minds behind something. The good ol' American spirit. Of course its filed with local celeb's and is a nice trip through Downtown. This is the gold standard in City LD's...

Traverse City

At this point, you cant hear the music to this lipdub, because performance rights were not secured before release. Not good. Kind of a preview of things to come. Every radio and TV personality in the LD has a shill for their station. It all kinda comes off as a big commercial for the people involved, not the city as a whole. And with no music, well, that kinda defeats the purpose to begin with. Like a baseball game with no ball.

the leader of all LipDubs: University of Quebec at Montreal students.

This is what the spirit of LipDubs should be. Planned and well executed, but with an unplanned feel to it. There's a reason this has been seen 9 million times...and not a big commercial feel to it. Just some kids screwing around and having fun.