The Huffington Post has lots of fun and funny articles, as well as serious hard hitting news. Well as hard hitting as the internet will allow it to be. The best one I have seen so far can change your office life. I'm not kidding.

The informative stuff this article tells you about "20 DIY Lifehacks With Office Junk That Will Blow Your Mind" could really change your life. I have already used 4 of them at my desk.

Plastic Cup
= iPhone Speakers


If tossing together two plastic cups and a toilet paper roll is beyond your artistic capabilities (or you are actually the laziest person alive), plop your phone in a plastic cup or a mug. While it's not quite as effective, it does amplify the sound a fair bit."

Toilet Paper Rolls
= Cord Organizers


If you have a lot of cords you want to store or a lot of cords you just don't use on an everyday basis, try empty toilet paper rolls to organize your mess.

Sweet! And there's 18 more.....