Yes we are Beer City USA. Much like Battle Creek was back in the early 1900's, with 400 cereal companies all trying to cash in on the town's fame, Grand Rapids has a new microbrewpub opening on every corner. The kids down the street from me have opned a new beer hall in their garage.

OK Not really, but it could happen. And as much as we are known now for our beer, a couple of companies are trying to also make us known for our craft sodas. Yum. Soda. Not being a beer drinker, I love a good homemade Root Beer or homemade soda. And now The Proper Soda company is making new flavors and needs your help.

"Proper Soda Company, founded last year, focuses on making beverages using simple and natural ingredients. Its first product was a hops-flavored soda. Now, the company's asking the public to choose its next flavor: coffee or hibiscus. Proper Soda Company's Stephan Curtis said unconventional ingredients can taste surprisingly good."