Today, June 6, Bell’s Brewery announced their newest beer series.

The “Planet Series” from Bell’s will feature seven different beers, one per planet and no, Pluto is not included!

The inspiration for the Planet Series comes from composer Gustav Holst’s opus “The Planets”.

Starting this August, Bells will release one of the Planet beers in a limited-edition six-pack with the next Planet released every two months until the series is complete.

The final beer is scheduled for release in July 2015.

I love it when my interests collide!

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a huge space nerd and I love anything having to do with the cosmos, but I’m also a beer enthusiast! Which is really just a “fancy” way to say I like to drink beer.

I will definitely be drinking some of this space beer!


Check out the inspiration for the Bell’s Planet Series below: