Not a bloody mary or more booze. It's Sprite! The lemon lime soft drink from the good folks at Coca Cola, Inc. And it's been scientifically proven. Really.

Chinese researchers have discovered this by testing 57 different drinks...from tea to other soft drinks. And Sprite came out ahead. "The best cure for a hangover? SPRITE: Study finds lemon and lime drink is the best at helping the body process alcohol"

"It has long been a strong coffee or even a Bloody Mary that a worn-out reveller has turned to the morning after the night before.
Now, however, experts say that Sprite may be best thing to lay your hands on.
Chinese scientists examined 57 beverages - ranging from herbal teas to fizzy pop - before concluding that the lemon and lime drink performed the best."

I wonder if it's just Sprite, or could 7-up or a store brand lemon lime drinks do the trick as well? The story also goes on to explain that the older we get, the less hangover headaches happen. If I drank, Id be happy about that. Since I dont, and you might, I'm happy for you!