Now honestly, whats did you think the title of the Best of Craigslist ad I found was? "Musus wanted" I thought it said "Mucus wanted" "Mucus"??? Who wanst that???
Then maybe it says "Misses wanted" Ok. Kinda weird. But something.

Nope...the winner who wrote THIS ad is looking for a "masseuse" Like for a massage. Really. Read on, gentle reader. And prepare to laugh...

"musus wanted (big rapids)
musus masodger. 40 yr old male looking to hire . 2 days a wwk.for back/neck/shoulders/legs. rubdown. do to a snowmobeiel big rapids area."

Hmmmm. Where WOULD I find a "Masodger"? On CRAIGLIST of course. And those pesky "nowmobeiels". Who knew!

Keep using it people. I need the money.