I'm a single dad. I have 2 awesome kids...Jaylynn who's 8 and Hunter who is 6. They are ALWAYS asking "Dad...can we go to the park?" And of course, I always say yes! It's great exercise for them, it's gets them away from the computer or the TV for awhile, but more importantly, it gives Dad a chance to scope out hot single Mom's, and
wears the kids out! They go to sleep earlier, and Dad gets the TV back for himself!

So when we are looking for the best playgrounds in Grand Rapids to scope out hot MILF'S at, uh...I mean looking for the best playgrounds in Grand Rapids for the kids' to play at, I use the "SCF" test. Is the playground Safe? Is it Convenient? And is it Fun? With the help of my little munchkins, I have found the top 5 playgrounds in Grand Rapids. One note, most of the playgrounds we have found have been in the greater Grand Rapids area. In other words, 1 is in Kentwood (where my kids live full time) a couple are in East Grand Rapids, and 2 are in Grand Rapids proper.

#5 - Bowen Station Park, Kentwood. 44th Street and Bowen Bvld.

This park isn't the fanciest, or the biggest, or even the nicest, but it's got a great location, and it's right by McDonalds. I know that's kind of the opposite of going to the park, but it IS in a safe location, away from the main road. It is convenient, and it's fun! It's right on the Paul Henry Trail, and again, by Mcd's, so lunch or a quick Drink is right close by!

#4 - Heartside Park, Grand Rapids. Ionia and Oakes

Yes, this playground isn't in the greatest part of town, but it is filled with "local color" One of the newest playgrounds in Grand
Rapids, Heartside Park was bulit in 2002. This 4-acre park located between Oakes and Ionia streets south of Fulton features a
water playground, picnic shelter, basketball courts and a restroom facility. The water playground is nice on hot summer days.
And it's close to downtown fun.

#3 - Ray and Joan Kroc Salvation Army Center, Grand Rapids. 2500 South Division Ave.

There is a fee for this playground, and on the Salvation Army's website for the center they explain the fees. This weekend (May 21) is the
opening dedication of the new playground. This playground has 2 unique features-a dinosaur dig, where kids can dig for old fossils, and
the 6th Street Bridge Table and Chairs entry from Artprize 2010 has been donated to the center and is located at the playground area.
Not in the best part of town either, but the playground is well within the Center's area, and thus it's monitored closely by staff.

#2 - Wealthy Elementary School, East Grand Rapids. Wealthy and Lake Drive.

2 different playgrounds in 1 general area. Little kids area, big kids area. Every imaginable kind of slide, swing, climbing apparatus, monkey bars, you name it, this playground has got it! Shady places for dads to sit and check ball scores on his cell phone, plenty of hot RICH mom's, it's just about perfect! If this playground had an outdoor bar, it would be #1, but since it's at a school, no bar. :(

And...the Number 1 playground in Grand Rapids...according to my kids and me!

#1 Wilcox Park, Eastown. Milton Street and Robinson Road.

I'm bias to Wilcox Park, it's about 6 blocks from my house, and is usually FILLED with hot single moms! Plus the kids like
it too. It has a great "merry go round", nice slides and swings, and within walking distance of Ol' dad's house. Did I mention
the hot single moms?

There you have, My kids' and I top 5 playgrounds in Grand Rapids! Now where did I put that Hot mom's number from last weekend?