That's what this kid did. Imagine being 14 or 15. The height of teen awkwardness. Maybe you are in the band--geeky enough. Maybe the girl you have had a crush on for two years n playing the drums right next to you. You finally have a chance to win her over...your true love.

You think "I'll just play the cymbals in the National Anthem, no big whoop" You start to impress that sophomore drum playing hottie...then. Tragedy. You crash, and they break. What to do next? WHAT TO DO?

At Eisenhower Junior High in Darien, Illinois, when the cymbal breaks, you salute the flag. Its a grand old flag. This kid has the guts to make it happen. Quick on his feet, fast thinker. Someday he will own the internets. Way to go, slightly geeky cymbal crashing flag salute kid!