Big Brother 15's Amanda received multiple spray tans over 48 hours as a punishment after this week's Veto Competition.

Check out the before and after photos.

Spray tanning can be nice, but when you get Big Brother involved it quickly becomes too much of a good thing.

I'm guessing you won't have a problem telling Amanda's before and after spray tanning photos apart.


Sadly, it's not surprising that the tanning sessions have brought out some of the worst in the Big Brother 15 houseguests.  The whole season has been filled with racial comments and Amanda has been among the worst offenders.

The tanning has lead to more of those comments. reports:

Amanda: “I look like a migrant worker”
Aaryn: “You look like a immigrant”
Amanda: “I look like a slave”
Aaryn: ‘Ok that was racist”
Some groans are heard.


There is no doubt CBS was aware the tanning could lead to more comments, but this isn't the first time tanning has been used as a punishment on Big Brother.  It was used on the UK version in the past.

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