Billy Joel is filling out his his recently announced hometown concert residency with a series of tour dates throughout 2014. Scattered among the New York shows Joel has lined up in 2014 are a bunch of new concerts that will keep him busy across the U.S. through summer.

Last month, Joel announced that he would be performing a series of concerts at Madison Square Garden, a residency at the New York venue that could last until the "Piano Man" dies. The new concerts hit everywhere from Auburn Hills (Feb. 15 at The Palace at Auburn Hills) and Chicago (July 18 at Wrigley Field) to Nashville and Las Vegas.

The North American tour dates are spread out enough that Joel will be able to play monthly Madison Square Garden shows, which start in March.

The Chicago concert at Wrigley Field marks the second time Joel has headlined a show there. The Chicago Tribune reported that makes Joel the only artist to perform two headlining concerts at the home of Major League Baseball's Chicago Cubs. He previously played there in 2009 as part of his co-headlining tour with pal and frequent tourmate Elton John.

Billy Joel 2014 Tour
Jan. 17 – Tampa
Jan.22 – Jacksonville, Fla.
Jan. 27 – New York
Feb. 3 – New York
Feb. 9 – Raleigh, N.C.
Feb. 15 - Auburn Hills
March 9 – Toronto
March 14 – Nashville
March 21 – New York
April 1 – Cleveland
April 6 – Louisville, Ky.
April 18 – New York
May 9 – New York
May 17 and 22 – Hollywood, Calif.
June 7 - Las Vegas
June 21 - New York
July 2 – New York
July 18 – Chicago
Aug. 7 – New York
Sept. 17 – New York