Growing up, one of those indelible images I have is the "Elvis seen in Kalamazoo Burger King" story in the Weekly World News. You remember THE supermarket tabloid. The National Enquirer might have had more publicity for taking on celebs, but NO paper could top the Weekly World News for sheer "Hey Martha" factor. "Hey Martha" is the phrase the tabloids use to determine if a story will get people to buy the paper. "Hey Martha, look at that three headed boy on the cover, I have to see if that's true".

I was in the store recently and while seeing the Star, the Enquirer, US Weekly and the such, I didn't see The Weekly World News. I was kinda disappointed. That was one of the highlights of standing in line to pay. Seeing how Dick Cheney was really a robot, or if that REALLY was a 73 year old Jack Kennedy in the White House meeting with Bush about Iraq. The print edition of the WWN ceased in 2010. The online version still lives! Yay!

Here are some of the best of the printed covers of the greatest newspaper of all time, the Weekly World News!