I have so say I'm pretty excited about this. I wouldn't say I'm a die-hard Blondie fan, but she was very much a part of my childhood.

See, my brother who was a few years older, loved Blondie. Radio at the time played a lot of Blondie, and my brother had all the records and played them all the time.

So Blondie was in my house for years as I was growing up!  So I was pretty darn excited to hear that Blondie was coming to the Forest Hills Fine Arts Center on September 28th!

Blondie was especially cool I felt because the band wasn't afraid to go all over the place.  Pop, Rock, Disco, Funk, New Wave, Rap, Soft Rock, Calypso, Hard Rock, Punk and Reggae. I'm really looking forward to this show. From the first time I can remember hearing "The Tide is High" on the radio in the early 80's, I've always wanted to see her, and now I will, and you can to. Tickets still available but probably won't last. Come see Blondie with me at The Forest Hills Fine Art Center - which is always a great place to see a show! I've seen Eddie Money, Kool and the Gang, The Blues Brothers, Bruce Hornsby and now Blondie there!

Get all the info here! See you at the Show!