The University of Michigan has announced its will wear all blue uniforms for the Wolverines' night football game with Penn State on Oct. 11 at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor.

Michigan already has the classiest uniform in all of sports.

Why would you mess with that? 

I get the whole marketing angle of introducing special uniforms for certain games, and I also get how today's players are brought up on this nonsense.

But I've always lived my life by one simple premise: WWBD. What would Bo (Schembechler) do?

I'll tell you what he'd do: He'd ship these things back to where they came from.

At least they didn't screw around with the helmet. Right, Brady Hoke?

University of Michigan's New TechFit Shockweb Uniforms by Adidas

Here's what Adidas says about the new TechFit uniforms:

The first head to toe blue look in school history, this new look draws inspiration from the university's past uniforms. The jersey and pants feature metallic blue, laser-cut stripes that shine under the lights while ultra-light, no-sew metallic numbers stretch with the jersey, and the compression base layer features the Michigan "M" on the bicep and 'GO BLUE' across the chest.

Michigan's new uniform also incorporates TechFit Shockweb technology. The Adidas TechFit Shockweb uniform is the only true compression uniform system in the industry. Shockweb fits tighter to the body, making players more difficult to tackle. TechFit Shockweb is lighter, helping to make the player fast and increasing his range of motion, to support the athlete's performance at the highest levels.

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