Here's what you might have missed on Bob and Tom this morning...

John Evans

Comedian John Evans is known for three things on the BOB&TOM Show. The first is his ability to scat along with any song (a talent that comes in handy more often than not), the second is his fondness for thrift stores and vintage clothing (which is how he got the nickname "High Plains Thrifter), and the third is his uncanny resemblance to cereal spokes-monster Count Chocula (according to Tom). Along with taking part of The BOB&TOM Comedy All-Stars Tour, John Evans has also made appearances on Live at Gotham and on Last Comic Standing. In other news, John Evans is now living his dream of owning his own thrift store. He also recently popped up in an article on a family counseling website talking about his last appearance on the BOB&TOM Show.

Paul Mecurio

After walking away from a sweet Wall Street job, Paul Mecurio turned to a life of comedy and hasn't looked back sense. He started as a staff writer for Jay Leno and soon found himself collecting awards for his work with the "Daily Show with Jon Stewart" where his duties included warming up the crowd. Now, along with being a top-notch headlining comedian, Mecurio also has a featured on the B&T Show (as well as a new CD) called Image Makeover, and starred in an online video sports series on called "Got No Game."

Auggie Smith

When you see Auggie Smith on stage, he may sounds like he's just manically ranting about whatever's pissed him off that day, but in actuality, every part of his act has been a meticulously crafted, well thought out and intelligently dissected into a rapid fire, seamlessly style of raving comedy. Smith has been spreading the "Word of Aug" for over a decade now, and audiences are flocking to his shows to hear more. Along with a very popular DVD and CD set, Auggie is veteran of the BOB&TOM Comedy All-Stars Tour, has been showcased at the Montreal Comedy Festival and has appeared in a number of radio and TV commercials. In other news Auggie just won the San Francisco and Seattle Comedy Competitions, making him the only person ever to win both in the same year. Auggie's new CD "Smell The Thunder" is also now on sale.

John Feinstein

John Feinstein is one of the most celebrated and enjoyed sports writers of all time. From the hardwood of basketball (A Season on the Brink), to the football gridiron (Next Man Up) and even the lushes green fairways of golf (A Good Walk Spoiled), Feinstein has covered and written a book on just about every major sporting event known to man, but he also occasionally writes mystery novels including Change-Up, Last Shot, Cover-Up and his newest installment The Rivalry. If you'd like to know more about Feinstein, check out his blog Feinstein On the Brink.