I watch alot of home improvement tv. HGTV, DIY Netowrk, PBS, etc. I like quite a few of those kind of shows. But I never really have been a fan of Bob Vila. I would watch This Old House repeats, but never really thought Vila was much of anything.

I have been proven wrong. I have a new found respect for Bob Vila after reading this article from Yahoo and bobvila.com "5 Things to Do with... PVC Pipe" Bob tells some cool ways to reuse PCV Pipe.

First, cut large-diameter PVC pipe into pieces of equal length, then fasten them together with heavy-duty velcro. The result? A flexible storage rack for shoes or miscellaneous other personal items. Make your PVC DIY honeycomb three or four rows high, or run it all the way from floor level to ceiling height.

Really cool. Really.