I got teary when I read this and had to share to what extremes firefighters go to support their fallen brothers. 

The widow of one of the two Boston firefighters killed in last week's deadly fire had only one request of his fellow firefighters: find his wedding ring, which was lost when he perished in the ruins of a Back Bay blaze. It seemed an impossible task, as the blaze destroyed a three-story brownstone that was now a pile of rubble.

A crew went to the spot where the body of Eddie Walsh had been pulled from the fire and began sifting through the debris and ashes.

After four hours of searching one of the searchers yelled out, "I've got it!" A convoy then delivered it to widow Kristen Walsh—who was in church at her husband's wake at the time. The entire department walked into the chapel, surrounded her and presented her with her husband’s rings.

She "took the ring and slid it on her finger," writes Boston Globe reporter Kevin Cullen. "It was big, real big, but it fit in all the ways that matter."

A contingent of Grand Rapids firefighters represented West Michigan at the funeral services.