Bret Michaels says the Tony Awards can be hazardous to your health.  The rocker has filed suit against Tony Award Productions and CBS for the injuries he suffered after an on-stage mishap at the theater awards ceremony in 2009.  In court papers filed in Los Angeles, Michaels links the accident to the near-fatal brain hemorrhage he suffered last year.  The singer says the type of hemorrhage he experienced is usually caused by head trauma, much like the trauma he suffered at the Tonys.  According to TMZ, Michaels says Tony producers should have given him a heads up on how to exit the stage safely following his performance, but instead he says they've blamed him for the accident, claiming he missed his mark.

Michaels was struck in the face by a piece of the set's scenery as he tried to leave the stage.  He was hospitalized for a broken nose and a cut lip.  The rocker is seeking unspecified damages in his lawsuit.  Tony reps have not commented on the legal filing.