Founder of the rockabilly revival band The Stray Cats in the early '80s, Brian Setzer will return to his rockabilly roots with the new studio album “Rockabilly Riot! All Original” on August 12th and he’s leading the launch with “Let’s Shake,” an old-school song, which is the opening track on the new record.  Give it a listen.

In an interview with “Time” magazine this week, Setzer says musically aside, the simplicity of the song is “magic.” “We’ve been making rock ‘n roll now for 60 years and no one has come up with ‘Let’s Shake?’  And I came up with it and I went ‘wow…Let’s Shake!’” he explains. “You know, oh god, it’s just so simple it’s magic!” He goes on to say that it’s got a really great guitar solo in it and adds, “It’s not really ‘billy’ sounding, it’s more rock and roll… again, it’s the simplest songs that are the hardest to write.”