A bride walked down the aisle with her one-month-baby laying on her dress' train. 

She wrote that the baby was "awake and secure" and "covered by Christ".

Shona Carter-Brooks married Jonathan Brooks last month, but the Tennessee couple is making the news after pictures of Shona walking down the aisle stirred up some controversy, because their newborn Aubrey rode down the aisle on her dress' train.

After getting some serious backlash, the bride took to her Facebook page to defend her and hubby's choice.

Shona says she's proud of the attention she's gotten.

In fact, at least one guest said the baby being dragged down the aisle made them emotional.

"Shona and Johnathan Brooks: your wedding was super perfect from the groom and his men and you and your diva's baby you rock the gown and the princess tagging behind you; it brought tears to my eyes," Pamela Stone said. "Regardless of anybody else's dream, your's came true. I loved it, and thank you for inviting me."

The kid looks content.

So, what's the beef everyone has with it?