A few weeks ago my friends and I had a day at the beach. It was lovely, but the weather is not what I'm going to remember. Or the great tan I got. Or where we went to dinner. What I'm going to remember is how we entertained ourselves. As a birthday present a few weeks prior, my older brother gave me a set of flash cards. Flash cards? At the beach? What am I, some kind of nerd? Well, these aren't  just any flash cards. They are for learning urban slang.

We were quite enlightened, and anyway now I can use "badonkadonk" properly in a sentence. Learning slang from a different culture or time can be pretty entertaining, like learning a foreign language, but, you know, fun. So I thought I'd put together a list of my favorite 80's slang terms and their definitions  that you might not find in Webster's.

bad: very good, excellent, cool, awesome

dweeb: geek, nerd-- someone who is not “in”

grody:  really, really gross

have a cow: being overly excited or to make a big deal out of something

psych: a term meaning “gotcha”! -usually used after telling someone something not true.

to the max:  to the extreme

veg:  term used to describe chilling out or taking it easy

what's your damage?: what's your problem?

wicked: another word for good, radical or bad

Want to be wicked cool and expand your righteous 80's vocab even more? Here are some radical websites you can check out: