"Breaking Bad" star Bryan Cranston once again will be a mild-mannered husband who has a dark side in a new movie to be directed by Errol Morris ("Thin Blue Line").

Titled "Holland, Michigan," it's definitely NOT about the Tulip Time Festival.

It's hard to say Bryan is typecast, because he has done some varied roles since leaving the famed Walter White role. That includes playing the 36th U.S. president, Lyndon Johnson, on Broadway in a production titled "All The Way."

Bryan will return to the role of a husband who has a secret side he keeps hidden from his wife in Director Errol Morris' second narrative film, "Holland, Michigan".  Bryan's on screen wife Naomi Watts will mistake his long absences to be philandering and start an affair of her own.  However, the dark comedy's twist will be that Cranston's character will be a serial killer.

The script for the film was written by Andrew Sodroski, and it is unknown at this time whether the film will shoot at any West Michigan locations.  It is also unknown why the town was chosen for the title, except maybe serial killers aren't normally from towns like Holland.  The script was named by the Black List as "Best Unproduced Script" of 2013. So the source material appears solid.

In other Cranston news, he is starring in "Godzilla," which gets released May 16.

Also, he is planning on writing memoirs, which I'm sure will include the fact that he chose to go into acting because that's where the hot girls hung out.

And he aided a young man to land his prom date (or not) on a viral video making its way across the Internet. Personally, I think his choice of words may have been too threatening for a date request. You be the judge.