The Missed Connections section of Craigslist is a great thing. Without it, how would we even begin to start to search for that special someone (who may or may not be aware of our existence) we stood behind in line at Taco Bell? Flyers are so 1970. Not to mention creepy.

For those not keeping themselves up at night wondering if the gas station clerk was blinking or shyly seducing you, the Missed Connections section provides for a great read, one guaranteed to make you feel better about your own life decisions.

It was scrolling through the Grand Rapids Missed Connections, that we found this gem: "Butt-Crack Winker At Schuler's." Because we at Funny 1410 AM care, here's the post, if you own or know this butt-crack, please be a dear and help reunite it with the post's author.

"You bent over in the Schuler's parking lot.... we were lucky enough to catch an eyeful of the broad expanse of your back and your red underwear, size XXXXL. Your back fat squeezed into your jeans formed a pseudo-buttcrack that winked at us lovingly.

Just think, if we hadn't been going to Schuler's at that exact time on that exact day, we would have missed you. Thank you for sharing with us, we will remember you forever since what has been seen, cannot be unseen."

[Via: Craigslist]