Wil Weaton is kind of a jerk. Or at least that's his public personna.

Maybe in real life he's nice.

But his character (he plays himself) on CBS' "The Big Bang Theory" or his snarkiness on his own show, "The Wil Weaton Project" on SyFy -- SyFy?? -- really make it hard to like him.

And now he's buzzing all over the interwebs.

His show -- which everyone one seems to have this kind of show these days -- is a tried and true low-budget cable show formula: Guy stands in front of a green screen and makes fun of people. We're talking "The Soup", the show with Chris Hardwick on G4; "Tosh" and a number of others.

So, why not Weaton?

Weaton took the "Brady Bunch" theme and used the story to "Game of Thrones" to make it funny. I'm not a GoT fan, so it makes little sense to me, but it's buzzworthy. So here's it is!