I can forgive Coburn for going off on a rant after his horse's disappointing finish.  He's human.  But do we really want to change the rules,just so we can have another Triple Crown winner?  No bueno, Steve.

He looks like the congenial actor Wilford Brimley, and his passion and joy following California Chrome's wins in the Derby and at the Preakness was a delightful breath of fresh air.

But his rant that we change the rules so a horse can win the Triple Crown is ridiculous.

Why change the rules now?

In 1977 multiple stakes winner, and well rested Comorant by-passed the Kentucky Derby and entered the Preakness just to involve Derby winner Seattle Slew in a speed duel, hoping to upset him.  Seattle Slew held him off and went on to win the Triple Crown. That's toughness, and it's rare, and it's what makes the Triple Crown special. If you water it down, it isn't special any more.

They said baseball would never have another Triple Crown winner (the baseball triple is to lead the league in home runs, batting average, and runs batted in).  The last one was in 1967.  Then, along came Miguel Cabrera of the Tigers to do it in 2012.  You knew as a fan, it was an epic and historical accomplishment, and it made it that much more special.

Don't water things down, Steve, just because your horse didn't win. We will see another Triple Crown winner, and when we do, we'll know we witnessed history.