Remember the cassette tape?

Of course you do!

Back before CDs and Mp3s, cassettes were the main music medium.

In 1990, 442 million cassettes tapes were sold.

In 2009, that number fell to just 34,000 cassettes- wait, who’s still buying cassette tapes?

This past Sunday, Sony discussed their new cassette tape at the IEEE International Magnetics Conference in Dresden, Germany.

This new magnetic cassette tape can hold 148 GB of data per square inch.

That’s 185 TB of data for one cassette tape.

That’s 64 million songs!

Forget your iPod! Could cassette tapes be the future of music storage?

The new cassette tape was made possible by a technique called sputter deposition: magnetic particles on the tape are tightly packed together by firing ions at the polymer film, which produces a vacuum-thin layer.

Sony says the tape will be available for commercial sale, but no word yet on a release date.

What kind of topsy-turvy world do we live in when cassette tapes are making a comeback?

Most kids these days don’t even know what cassette tapes and Walkmans even are!