Woman Takes In Four Fawns, DNR Not Happy
A Montcalm County woman is a little light in the pocketbook today after being fined by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources for taking four fawns from the woods and handing them out to her friends.
Reminder: leave the wild life alone. They are not your pets.
9-11 Rescue Dog Gets Hero’s Send Off [Video]
Bretagne (pronounced Brittany) was one of the rescue dogs who searched for survivors at Ground Zero in New York City in the aftermath of the 9-11 attacks.
At 17, she was suffering, and her quality of life diminshed to the point where the tough decision to put her down was made. Her last walk to the v…
Cascade Bear Shows Up For Live TV Appearance
The bear roaming the woods in Cascade Township is apparently quite curious about the media attention his presence has caused.
During a live report on FOX 17 last night, the bear made an unscheduled appearance. Unfortunately, he didn't consent to an interview.

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