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Trial Over ‘Stairway to Heaven’ to Proceed [Video]
Did Led Zeppelin steal the opening of their classic tune 'Stairway to Heaven?' Well, that’s what a trial is expected to determine, now that a U.S. District court has ruled there is enough evidence to support a case that the opening notes of the song are ripped off from the Spiri…
Queen Denies Sacha Baron Cohen’s Claims [Video]
Brian May is calling Sacha Baron Cohen out. The actor publicly explained that he left the Queen biopic because he and the band had two very different ideas about what the movie "should be about," but the rocker says that's not the case.
Who Is The Most Famous Actor From Michigan? [Video]
Some pretty big names have emerged from the Mitten State over the years, from Tom Selleck, to the late great Robin Williams, to Taylor Lautner of 'Twilight' fame.
But who is the most famous actor according to the web site PrettyFamous? You'll recognize his face, but the name may e…
Jojo Talks With Def Leppard Guitarist Phil Collen [Video]
I got a chance to chat with Phil this morning about the resumption of their US tour following Joe Elliot's vocal issues, and about coming up in London at a time when the music scene there was getting wound up again.
Def Leppard's tour stops in Grand Rapids on July 9 at Van Andel Arena.
Ken Howard, TV’s ‘White Shadow’, Dies At 71 [Video]
Ken Howard, best known as the star of The White Shadow, died Wednesday. He was 71.
A cause of death wasn't immediately announced.
Ken, who was the current national president of SAG-AFTRA, also had roles in 30 Rock, the HBO movie Grey Gardens (for which he won an Emmy), Dynasty …
Keith Richards Allegedly Once Threatened to Stab Donald Trump
Stories about rock stars doing crazy stuff have been around since Chuck Berry first duck walked across a stage back in the fifties. Green M&Ms, stomach pumps and sharks being used inappropriately are now a part of rock n roll lore.
This story about Keith Richards possibly thinking about pulli…

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