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Keith Richards Allegedly Once Threatened to Stab Donald Trump
Stories about rock stars doing crazy stuff have been around since Chuck Berry first duck walked across a stage back in the fifties. Green M&Ms, stomach pumps and sharks being used inappropriately are now a part of rock n roll lore.
This story about Keith Richards possibly thinking about pulli…
‘Blades of Glory’ Lives On In Kalamazoo [Video]
The movie 'Blades of Glory' was supposed to be a satirical send up of the figure skating community, but thanks to two guys at the National Championships in Kalamazoo last weekend, the fabled 'Fire and Ice' routine from the film lives on in.
Prince’s Passport Photo Is WAY Better Than Yours
Let's face it, Prince is cooler than ice cold. Even his passport photo is cool. How do I know? Because he tweeted it yesterday.
If he's the same age as I am, why does he look so much younger than me? Seriously. I need to drink what he's been drinking.

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