If You Hate Candy Corn, Read This!
Candy Corn is year in and year out Michigan's favorite Halloween treat, so why does it illicit such hate? If you hate candy corn, those of us who love it would like you to know something.
Siri Defines the Word “Mother”!
If you have a smart phone or tablet, you may have used the virtual assistant known as Siri. She can be very helpful at times. Over the weekend Reddit's Apple community started reporting on Siri's interesting answer for the definition of "mother"...
Five Things We Can Use To Fill Grand Rapids Potholes
Driving down certain streets in Grand Rapids is more challenging than negotiating a Winter Olympics slalom course. (I'm looking at you, Diamond Avenue!)
But there are some things here in Beer City we can use to plug those ugly potholes right now.
What If Grand Rapids Icons Were Coachella Band Names?
I love two things about the annual music festival at Coachella, the poster that promotes it, and the weird band names in the fine print.

So I made up some band names from everyday things and events in the past year in West Michigan and turned them into a Coachella poster.

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