More Parents Giving Kids ‘Frozen’-Inspired Names
For a lot of parents, coming up with a name for their baby isn’t always easy, but for some, inspiration can come from their favorite TV or movie character. And apparently last year, a lot of people just couldn’t 'Let It Go' and were inspired to name their babies …
Grand Rapids DJs Review ‘The End of the Tour’
The End of the Tour is set for limited release on July 31. The movie has earned great reviews, even Oscar buzz, at Sundance Film Festival and other select screenings.
Some of The End of the Tour was shot in the radio studios and offices of Townsquare Media Grand Rapids, which is home to 100.5 The Riv…
Take A First Look At The Upcoming Chris Farley Documentary [Video]
The official first trailer for the documentary on the life on former SNL great Chris Farley has been released and it looks awesome.
With interviews from Bob Saget, Adam Sandler, Lorne Michaels, Bob Odenkirk, Mike Myers, and Christina Applegate -- we’re bound to learn a lot more about the one of…
A Dinosaur Expert Ruins Your Childhood [Video]
With 'Jurassic World' opening this weekend, parents will be scrambling for the latest dinosaur toys to appease their dinosaur smitten kids. The problem is those toys are scientifically inaccurate.
Just ask a dinosaur expert, and ruin your childhood.
‘The End of the Tour’ Releases First Trailer [Video]
The End of the Tour was filmed in Grand Rapids in 2014.
The movie is set for limited release on July 31, but it has already generated Oscar buzz at Sundance Film Festival and other premieres.
Today's trailer is the first look at The End of the Tour for the general public.
Redneck Avengers: Bad Lip Reading Takes on Marvel [Video]
The YouTube Channel Bad Lip Reading has delivered a version of The Avengers that is dramatically different from the one on the screen.
Instead of heading out to bring Loki and Ultron down, the Avengers hang out in a trailer and worry about things like who's making out with who, burping in each o…

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