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Science Proves Freddie Mercury Had an Incredible Voice [Video]
Scientists have confirmed what we've known since the 70s, Freddie Mercury has an unparalleled voice. A group of Austrian, Czech, and Swedish researchers examined the Queen frontman's voice and found that the late rocker had multiple unique qualities that set him apart.
BONUS: Video of Fredd…
Here’s A Catchy Little Song About Michigan [Video]
The Accidentals are a folk-rock group who got their start in high school in Traverse City, earned their musical chops at the highly regarded Interlochen Academy, and have recorded an album under the tutelage of John Mellencamp producer Paul Mahern.
A friend of theirs asked them to come up with a song…
Diana Ross Coming to the Meijer Gardens Summer Concerts
Is there a headliner for the Frederik Meijer Gardens Summer Concert Series this summer? I don't know, how about Diana Ross!
Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park just announced their Fifth Third Bank Summer Concert lineup, and it's another fantastic lineup. There are 30 shows in the super ecle…
Trial Over ‘Stairway to Heaven’ to Proceed [Video]
Did Led Zeppelin steal the opening of their classic tune 'Stairway to Heaven?' Well, that’s what a trial is expected to determine, now that a U.S. District court has ruled there is enough evidence to support a case that the opening notes of the song are ripped off from the Spiri…
Queen Denies Sacha Baron Cohen’s Claims [Video]
Brian May is calling Sacha Baron Cohen out. The actor publicly explained that he left the Queen biopic because he and the band had two very different ideas about what the movie "should be about," but the rocker says that's not the case.

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