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Patti LaBelle Kicks Stripping Fan Off the Stage [Video]
Patti LaBelle doesn’t take too kindly to risqué performances. The singer was performing in Vancouver Friday night when she invited some audience members on stage to dance. But when a male participant started to unbutton his shirt, Patti was having none of it.
It Appears Someone Played a Putin Prank on Elton John
Elton John wanted to meet with Russian president Vladimir Putin to talk to him about his country’s “ridiculous” attitude towards homosexuals? Well, if you believe Elton, he actually got a chance to bend Putin’s ear, which surprised the President.
Whitney Houston Hologram To Tour In 2016
We've reached the point where if someone from the past isn't around anymore to tour, they'll project them on a stage and go on with the tour anyway.
In what seems like a crass desire to make money off of the dead, a hologram of the late Whitney is going on tour. And I guess the best pa…
REO Guitarist Gary Richrath Dies [Video]
Gary Richrath, guitarist for the band REO Speedwagon has passed away. Although not an original member of the group, he was responsible for writing some of their biggest hits.
Richrath recently rejoined the band after leaving in 1989. He was 65 years old.

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